March 14, 2016

5th Sunday in Lent, 2016

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Right now I am still sore from yesterday. There was an air show with ground displays this weekend and I went yesterday, I missed the last one two years ago. I have no idea how many miles I walked all day visiting various display aircraft and displays from various organizations. I watched a lot of aircraft perform as well. The Thunderbirds were great as always. But when I got home around 6 PM I was sore. I was sore when I stood, when I sat, when I lay down and when I got up. I went to bed early and got up late and I am still sore. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself immensely. I chatted with a lot of the people associated with displays about the aircraft and my connection with them or, in the case of the Pima Air and Space Museum, their organization. As I was walking out, after the show closed, I stopped to rest my feet. A man came by and chatted a bit. I noticed that he wore a belt buckle with an F-4 on it. I made a comment about how well the F-4 turns jet fuel into noise and he replied it was great at turning jet fuel into smoke also. It turned out we were assigned to the same wing at the same time. Ubon RTAFB, 8th TFW, 1973-1974. He was the wing Electronic Warfare Officer and I worked the ECM shop. It also turned out that the APS-107, a system I worked on, saved his life. I may not have worked on that specific airplane but it is nice to meet someone whose life I saved, or at least helped to save.

Three chapters are up at my other site: I hope people enjoy reading the story and give me some feedback.

If you wish to pray for those on the Grace-St. Paul’s prayer list, you can find that list at under the Sunday Bulletins, today’s bulletin. I am just too sore to type the list into this post. I enjoyed the air show and that more than makes up for the soreness. But you can find the list there and please pray for those people and companions, and for the victims of Muslim oppression worldwide also.


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