February 22, 2016

2nd Sunday in Lent, 2016

Posted in Personal tagged , at 2:26 am by gruundehn

Another day sick. I am getting very tired of this, all this year so far I have been feeling ill for probably 90% of the days. I hope I feel well enough tomorrow to get done what needs to be done.

Last week was a downer, I got almost nothing done, in part due to not feeling well. But another part is I just don’t have any energy, this is separate from not feeling well. I hate to talk about my illnesses and how bad I feel but right now, that is just about all I have. Last Friday I was going to print out Entrance Examination and post the first chapter here as a separate item form my political and personal posts but as should be obvious, I didn’t. I am 66 years old and some days, most days this year, I feel 166 or worse. I just do not feel well.

So this is going to be a short post.

If you wish to do so, please pray for: Michael the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Kirk the Bishop for Arizona, Steve and the other clergy of Grace-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church; for those in the military especially those in combat zones, especially Ronald Berryhill, Owen Chandler, Christopher Gallo, Michael Hannan, Andrew Harris, Donna Heath, Frederick Jenning, Jordan S. Marks, Eric Osche, Mark Pundt, Terrence Robinson, Laramie Struble, Brian; for those in need especially Brian Arthur, Bill Bigglestone, Catherine Brown, Anagrethe Christensen, Alysha Collins, Walter Collins, Jim & Rosemary DeCook, ay Elliston, Peter Foley & Pia Cuneo, Phyllis Garver, Ann Grisel, Oma “Sam” Guard, Brenda & Gus Gustafson, Brother Chuck Hannan, Sara Heitshu, Joyce Henderson, Kent & Molly Johnson, Ray & Susan Lawton, Rita Magdaleno, Anagrace & Dan Misenhimer, Jennifer O’Connor, Brenda Pentland, Bill & Heather Pentland, Vinca Pessarakli, Danielle Phillips, Jane Pundt, Doree Ramey, Robert Rosenberg, Susan Southwick, Ann M. Stephens, Marilyn Thompson, Sister Carol Willans, Ed, Georgie, Lee, Melea, William Brown, Flora Chen, Stephen Chipman, Mildred Gregory, Francesca Jarvis, Tony Jones, Richard Mockler, Maribel Ortiz, Bridget Piech, Peggy Southwick, Amy, Bill, Jerry & Rondy, Joel, Karl, Marilyn, Monica & Danitza, Nate, Nick & Emily, Penny, Phil, Sam, Yong, Yvonne & Ty; for animal companions in need; for those who have died especially Diana Dewitt, Gini Mockler; for animal companions who have died especially Audrey. I also ask that you pray for the millions of people whio have been killed, driven from their homes or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world.

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