January 19, 2017

January 19, 2017

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It is still cold for Tucson now, most other parts of the country would enjoy the warmth compared to what they are getting now but for here and now, it is cold.

I finished off some work on the trial Risk Limiting Audit for next week and delivered it to the Elections department. Going anywhere by bus in Tucson, especially if you have to transfer between bus routes, can be hard. I just missed the transfer going to the Elections Department and had to wait in the chill for quite a while. Coming back wasn’t so bad but it still took three hours to do an hours worth of travel and associated work. This is not counting the time I spent doing the work, just the time travelling and dropping it off.

I did get some storage and now I have to arrange to get the storage boxes and a rental truck to move everything. With the help of a couple of friends I can get it done and I can stop worrying about losing so much stuff due to the eviction. I have to read Thoreau because I know about his comment that things own us but I want to understand the context of that comment and the meaning behind it. Moving like this is a good way to eliminate a lot of the stuff I want to get rid of and maybe a lot of stuff that I hadn’t considered getting rid of but should have.

I have so many projects that I want to do, and not all involve writing, that it is easy to dither between them. Crashed with friends has eliminated a lot of those, at least for now, so I am getting my writing done. However, part of my writing is locked away for now so I cannot post chapters of DREADNOUGHT for a while nor work on GENERATION UPON GENERATION. I just get HIGH TREASON and THE GOD’S TALE written. When I was on active duty I was able to concentrate more than I do now. I need to get back into that discipline.

January 18, 2017

January 18, 2017

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I have spent most of today going from one place to another with little effect. I have gotten a few things done but nothing major. There are days like that.

I have been paying attention to the political situation and with the inauguration  in two days I find the hysterics laughable. I did not vote for Trump, I campaigned for Johnson and voted for him, but Trump is elected and I can only wish that he does as little damage as possible. If Clinton had gotten in I would wish the same. I cannot see a great difference between the two. He is, and she could have been, just the latest in a long line of Presidents, the present one included, who have not been good for the country. A LONG line of Presidents. A line of Presidents going back to before my grandparents were born.

Normally on Wednesday nights a group I am part of plays TTRPG but not tonight as one of the group is sick. So, tonight I am getting more writing done. I got none done during the day today. One reason is that the Tucson bus system takes forever to use. The amount of time I wait for a bus is probably half or more of a journey most of the time. Especially if I just miss a bus transfer. I sold my car over twenty years ago because I never seemed to use it. Now I wish I had a car.

January 17, 2017

January 17, 2017

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Attended the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting this morning and it was a long one. A lot of people complained about Monsanto and the tax break that the County intends to give them. Monsanto, of course, will destroy the Pima County environment as they have done so many places elsewhere. Monsanto’s “safe” herbicides are killing me.

The monthly meeting of the Pima County Libertarians is tonight. I hope Scott gets the party revitalized and effective. We have a candidate for Ward 3 on the Tucson City Council and I hope ot work with his campaign and get him on the Council. The people need protection from the politicians running the city now. However, far too often, voters just look at the party affiliation of the candidate and vote party line. And the Democrats outnumber everyone else so mindless voting like that is hard to overcome.

I didn’t look for an apartment today. I get my Social Security check tomorrow and it will be too small to pay security deposit and a month’s rent. So, I intend to get a storage unit and move everything into there and get an apartment starting the first of February. I hate to impose on my friends for the extra time but I may have to.

I miss my books. Right now I cannot read any of my books except what is on my NOOK and that isn’t enough. Plus, I cannot watch any of my DVDs / Blu-Rays and I have a ton of those. So, I spend a lot of time writing, which is nice. I guess that setbacks like this one do have silver linings.

January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017

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Monday afternoon. Today is a Federal Holiday here in America so just about everything is shut down.

It rained yesterday pretty much the whole day. It was wonderful. It wouldn’t be so wonderful, I guess, if I had to be out in the rain working. I did that a bit when I was on active duty. Not much because I worked with electronics and electricity and rain do not mix well. But when much younger I enjoyed walking in the rain. Not so much any more.

I am still looking for an apartment but the holiday is in the way. Oh well, tomorrow I chew out the Board of Supervisors as normal. But I intend to do some apartment hunting once that is over. Crashing with friends is not a good ting to do for a long time.

What writing I have been doing today has been just in the one story, HIGH TREASON. It is amazing to me the twists that I start writing without planning to put such in the plot. And so often, such twists improve the story I think. I am not a writer to plan out every sentence before I start writing, I just let the story flow and can get surprised by some of the twists I come up with without thinking about them.

There are a lot of web comics that I like and read. One, Accidental Centaurs, has been inactive for a long while but just posted a new page after almost a year. There have been many over the years that I have read for a time and either I dropped the comic or it quit. I dislike it when an artist quits a comic but I understand why it might happen and I do not claim the artist is a bad person for doing that. I just am disappointed that I was left hanging so to speak. I have a couple of ideas for a web comic but while I could write it, I could not draw it. I don’t think I could do a comic unless it had a planned ending. I would get burned out and the comic would suffer. A fate that I think several comics I followed suffered.

January 14, 2017

January 14, 2017

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Well, I got through yesterday. Today has been quiet and productive. I got a lot of writing done, unfortunately most of it was re-writing. Net result is a better story I hope, but the word count total has not changed much. Plus, the plots hasn’t advanced a lot.

Since I am now homeless, crashed on the recliner of some friends, I have cut out a lot of expenses that I will probably not ever take up again. I start looking for an apartment Monday and when I find one and move in I will no longer take the daily newspaper, nor a land phone line, nor satellite TV. Even starting with cable TV with internet I should save over $300 each month. So I can afford to have a nice place and hire a maid service to keep it clean and still save money which I need to do if I am going to stay active in politics.

I think Thoreau had it right about things owning us. I am going to have to read him sometime soon. But even granting that, too much of what I own, or owns me however you put it, is too useful to abandon without thought. My writing, for example. When I started writing oh those many years ago, I wrote on a yellow legal pad with a pencil. Editing was a pain, I have no clue how famous writers managed it without going crazy before the invention of the computer. Now, my word processor But modern word processors are so complex, too complex for me. One of the first word processors I used, back on my TRS-80, was called Electric Pencil. Nothing fancy, no hundred buttons to do something I will never do. My only real complaint is that it had no spell or grammar check, that was a separate program, and so that slowed things up a bit, but it was still a major improvement over pencil and paper. The word processors today seem built for someone who is a professional working for a publishing house or something similar. Someone who is good with programming might want to publish a simple word processor for home use.

The weather here in Tucson is good, it rained today. Not a great deal but living in the desert any is good. Tucson has two rainy seasons, each contributing about half the annual expected rainfall. However, it is the summer rainy season that gets all the attention. That rainy season is tracked, the start is celebrated, and the end paid attention to. The winter rainy season just comes, contributes and is basically ignored.

January 13, 2017

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I did get some writing done today but not much. More than I expected but I still have not gotten back to the hours of continuous writing I used to do. It didn’t help that today was full of chaos. IO kept my apartment too badly for my landlord and I got kicked out. And I thought that I had solved most of the problem. Oh well, life goes on. For the moment I am crashing on a friends recliner. Monday I start looking for a new apartment. With luck, I will be away quickly.

The weather here in Tucson is cool but not bad. I feel sorry for the huge parts of the country that are experiencing severe weather. I have been though such and I do not envy those in it now. The mountains around Tucson are one reason I live here, I enjoy looking at them, but the weather is the main reason. It is just that there are too many people living in Pima County, around one million, for the water table. We do not get enough rain on an annual basis to support all these people, we have to import water. And, yes I know, since I moved here I am part of the problem. I can still complain. I can look forward to warmer weather, even hot weather, but for now, I put up with the cold weather. Cold for Tucson that is.


January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017

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My Apartment complex has a laundry room and for most of today I have been resident there getting a huge amount of laundry done. I have to start doing laundry more often.

Another thing about my complex, it is old. I can tell this by the fact that there are too few electrical outlets in the kitchen. I don’t know when it was built, but late 1950s or early 1960s would be my guess. Right now there are four outlets in the kitchen itself and I am using six of them. Luckily I don’t use them all at once. One outlet pair gets only one outlet used as it is now behind the countertop dishwasher and I can no longer access the other outlet. That leaves the other outlet pair and I have a three outlet adapter in each plug there and use five of them. I am not counting the outlet pair behind the refrigerator as it is unreachable even at the best of time due to the refrigerator blocking it. Electrical appliances are taking over our world. I’m not even going to talk about, at least not yet, about all the other electrical devices I own and use and how they use up all my outlets and more everywhere else in my apartment. And, I do want to get a few more appliances such as a clothes press so I don’t have to use a steam iron or take my clothes to a dry cleaners.

My health continues to get worse without my feeling worse because of it. Very soon I am going to have to undergo another colonoscopy due to various problem discovered recently. In addition I am now taking more pills. I am 67 years old and wish my health was better. Very little of what is wrong with me actually makes me feel bad, except when I think about it. Anybody want to trade physical bodies with me?

Cleaning out fifty years of accumulated “stuff” is hard but needs to get done. I have books that I haven’t read in probably over thirty years and a few that I have read to destruction. I have mentioned that I want to get down to about 2000 books and maybe fewer. Stuff accumulates at a rate that I don’t note nor pay much attention to. I am sure it is similar for everyone else. Thoreau railed against “stuff” and pointed out that “stuff” owns us, not we it. And I begin to think he is right. I have clothes that I will never wear again, clothes that I cannot fit into and probably will never be able to fit into, and yet, there they hang in my closet. Half or more of my closet is taken up by clothes I will never wear again. Two-thirds of my bookshelves are filled with books I need to get rid of. I have old, and broken, computers and printers that need to go. I have “stuff” and it is hard to eliminate the “stuff” I do not need or use.

There is a new TV program tonight, the start of a series, that looks interesting. The last new TV series that I found interesting only lasted one season but if I find this one interesting I hope it lasts. I have a stair-stepper placed so that if I watch TV I can exercise while doing so. I need the exercise. I weigh about 265 pounds (120 Kg) (19 Stone) and I need to get down to around 180-200 pounds. Two point two pounds per Kg and fourteen pounds per Stone as I remember it. Why do the British use the Stone measurement anyway? Other than it sounds exotic.

January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017

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So far, so good. I haven’t screwed up the date yet and it looks like I won’t before the habit is fixed to use 2017.

I’m doing something I haven’t done for a long time in my writing. I know I have done it in the past but I cannot remember how far back it was. I am talking about writing twbo books at the same time. I write one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Right now I am doing HIGH TREASON and THE GOD’S TALE. HIGH TREASON is, of course, part of the Jesip Elder sage but THE GOD’S TALE is the book I am going to send out for regular publication, if I can get it published. I hope that the posting of the Jesip Elder saga on my other blog shows that I can get a series done.

The weather here in Tucson is cool and nice. I feel sorry, but not much, for those suffering severe weather. I have done that, both cold weather and hot weather. Not just the hot weather here in Tucson but also in SEA during the Vietnam War. Hot and humid and when it rained, it often came down in s solid wall moving up the flight line. So, I can easily put up with the weather here in Tucson, besides, I get to look at mountains whenever I want. There are no mountains in Indiana and only hills in Upstate New York.

I have kind of lost interest in football now that my Bengals are not in the playoffs. I watch a game on Saturday and one on Sunday and I will watch the Super Bowl but there is nothing compelling for me. I recorded the one game I am interested in from yesterday and I will watch it a little later. That game I have an interest in. The Miami Dolphins play the Pittsburgh Steelers and since the Steelers are a huge rival of my Bengals, I will be cheering the Dolphins on.

About three and a half years ago I broke my right arm, a spiral fracture, and it never healed properly. It aches a lot, and this weather gets the ache going, but I can manage it. I am throwing out a lot of my old books and Saturday I picked up a pile that was too large for my arm and I have been in pain, not ache, every since. However, it is slowly going away.

I am a member of the Pima County Election Integrity Commission, specifically the Libertarian Party member. The Commission is investigating a new, or at least different, method of auditing the elections the County conducts. The normal audit verifies the machines and method, this new method, called Risk Limiting Audit, verifies the outcome. I mention this because I just received the test ballots for the machines to count and us to audit. There have been too many verified problems with elections, especially the 2016 General Election, for me to not be concerned about honest elections and I hope the RLA helps ensure honest elections, or at least elections that the public can be confident in.


January 8, 2017

January 7, 2017

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Saturday evening and here I am. It has been a cool day here in Tucson and that means my arm is sore. I broke the humerus in my right arm about three and a half years ago and it has never healed right. So, cold weather, changing weather and humid weather all work to make the badly healed break hurt. Plus, today I have been clearing out some of my excess books and I picked up too many at once.

I’m watching an NFL game right now, actually the game is a blowout and I am just listening to it and barely paying attention. The two teams are the Texans and the Raiders. The Texans are in the AFC North Division, where my Bengals are, and so during the regular season I would want them to lose any game they were in. But this is the playoffs and they played (the game just finished as I write this) was the Raiders and I have never liked the Raiders. I don’t know why, but I have always thought of them as a dirty team So, I cheered for the Texans and they won.

I did get a video uploaded to YouTube. Now I have another ready for Monday. I do want to get into a rhythm that I keep. The more regular I am in uploading the more likely I will gather subscribers. Also, the more likely I will make an argument that helps grow the Libertarian Party.

I am collecting toys for Toys4Tots. I will be collecting these toys over the year and thus will have a nice collection for December, rather than the one or two toys I have donated over the last few years. I have had a good life as the saying goes so giving back is something that gives me a good feeling. Plus, it is a form of worship for me as a Christian. I used to work in my church’s food pantry for the same reason.

Now that the election season is over, and it is almost time for the Inauguration, I believe I can focus on my writing. I am still writing HIGH TREASON and THE GOD’S TALE. One in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Plus, I am editing GENERATION UPON GENERATION for the second time By the time I post HIGH TREASON I should have enough posted so that I can point to my posts as an example of my writing and perhaps make it easier to get published.

January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017

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Epiphany Day! Once one of the major Christian holy days but now almost completely ignored. The Christmas Season is over. Now starts the run-up to Easter.

The weather in Tucson is not as cold as it was, but it is still cold. I stay indoors as much as I can. If I want snow I can get to Mount Lemon and play in it there, and come home to warmth. But, I do not want to play in snow right now. Nor probably ever again.

I have to get moving on YouTube videos, I am behind what I want to do. The problem is that I have too much to do right now, and have for the last few months, so that I never get around to doing one. I want to get a video done a week but I have no idea how often I do get one done. I had a spreadsheet to record what videos I had uploaded to YouTube and to Facebook but I forgot to keep it up. I finally got another comment on my videos and I want more. The first comment was an easily disproved one about the Second Amendment and the second was a comment from a Canadian about Civil Asset Forfeiture. That is a start but I would like more.

I am still cleaning up my apartment and I hate it. I have so much stuff that I have collected over the last fifty years or so that trying to throw the stuff that I no longer want away is a pain. I should have paid more attention to Henry David Thoreau and his belief that things own us. It is true.

I have, right now, six computers (one is actually a tablet) and I need to get rid of three of them. I have this computer here, that I use for general work, one that I had been using for my TTRPG and video work, and now the tablet, which a friend gave me for Christmas, for TTRPG work. So, two old laptops and one old desktop are going as is two monitors and an old printer that no longer works. Inkjet printers cost very little when buying them but a lot over the life of the printer in replacement ink. I once had a laser printer and while it cost a lot up front, it was cheaper to use than an ink jet printer. My next printer is going to be a laser printer if I can swing it. Too much stuff and I need to get rid of a lot of it. And I am succeeding albeit slowly.

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