January 22, 2018

January 22, 2018

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It is cold enough here in Tucson that I am longing for Spring. It got a good chunk below freezing this morning. Yeah, I know, there are lots of places where the high temperature is lower than the low temperature here in Tucson. I know that, but I still do not like the cold weather.

I did get enough grocery shopping done to last the month out. Now, I am starting to do some investigating on the various taxes here in Arizona. Federal Income taxes, State income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, licenses and fees of various sorts. All the different ways the Government (at any level) picks the pockets of the people. I hope to get this research done in time for a public discussion while people are still paying attention to taxes. By doing this, I hope to increase the viability of the local Party.

I have not been paying attention to the Federal Government shutdown; at least, not much. If the shutdown goes on very long, it is going to cost me more as I will have to shop more often at grocery stores that charge more than the Base Commissary. Not that I really mind, it will just mean some of my discretionary spending will get put off. And I can do that. I actually like the idea of the Federal Government shutting down, maybe people can see that they do not need the Nanny State.


January 21, 2018

January 21, 2018

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I have a lot to do and I do not want to do any of it. I have to research a resolution that the Pima County Board of Supervisors did an unknown number of  years ago, I have to work on getting the backup data for the website from the State Party, I have to work on getting material ready to send out to County Party members in order to get people active again and then I have my own projects to do as well – doing videos for YouTube, cataloging my books and videos, organizing some of my TTRPG material so I can not duplicate my purchases and my writing. I forget who it was that was supposed to have said that procrastination is no fun unless one has a lot to do. I procrastinate.

It isn’t really that I hate doing any of this, I am just in the middle of a lazy fit. The resolution, for example, would be easier if the database was organized better for research. As it is, I have to look through the minutes of each meeting from 2007 and 2008, and maybe 2006 just in case if I cannot find it. The Pima County Libertarian Party had a website, a good one I think, but we were piggybacking on the Arizona State website and lost our site as a result. We now are doing out own website separate from the State one but we need the information on the old website as it would be too much trouble to recreate it.

I knew, kind of, what I was getting myself in for when I became Chair, but I don’t have to like it – just do it.

I didn’t watch the NFL yesterday or today, I do not care much about any of the teams that have made it this far in the playoffs. I might watch the Super Bowl, but lately they have not been interesting – blowouts rarely are unless it is the Bengals doing the blowout. I might watch for the commercials, a lot of those are fun. I rarely watch TV at all anymore; I stopped watching in 2006n when my TV broke during the Congressional Campaign and it was several years before I bought a new one. Now, I watch Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Mythbusters. There are a few others that might be interesting, but I never watch them as I rarely remember. I spend my time working on my writing, unless I am procrastinating.

January 20, 2018

January 19, 2018

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Stayed at home all day while waiting for packages. Got a little writing done, mostly re-writing, on ELDER’S DILEMA. I have two more big scenes left and maybe a smaller one between the two. Then the series ends. Unless I go back and try my hand, again, at a murder mystery set between ENTRENANCE EXAMINATION and DREADNOUGHT. I have tried to write that story three times, I think, and never could get it right.

I need to get working on the Pima County Libertarian Party work I need to do. There is a Yahoo! group and I need to learn how to manage that. I also need to get ready for the State Convention. I have a lot of work to do for the County Party now that I am the County Chair and little information on what to do or how to do it. Life is grand. Yeah, right.

One of the packages I was waiting for is the missing book for the web comic I am collecting the print editions for; well, one of them anyway. I now have issues 1 through 8 and as far as I can tell, nothing later has been published even though the web comic is continuing. I hope for more soon.

January 17, 2018

January 17, 2018

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Got off to a slow start today. Got some stuff done, including paying some bills so there is that. But taking the bus everywhere takes a lot of time. So does walking, and I try to walk within a certain distance of my home for the exercise.

I am still waiting for an order I made some time ago. There is a web comic I enjoy and I have been getting the print versions. Of the eight books published, I have ordered all eight and gotten seven. Naturally, the one I don’t have is in the middle of the series. The web comic is still going strong, so perhaps more books will come forth. Actually, there is more than one web comic I am doing this with, but just the one has a missing book in the middle; the others are missing books at the end of the series.

The weather is getting nice enough so that I stopped using a heater at night. In a few weeks, I will even stop using a blanket. I like the weather here in Tucson, I would hate to live back East somewhere after all these years here. Spring and Autumn are gorgeous and Winter is bearable. Summer is still bearable, but the heat is harder to bear than the cold of Winter. I stay indoors a lot in Summer.


January 16, 2018

January 16, 2018

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Been a busy day so far and not over yet. I spent the morning with the Pima County Board of Supervisors and chewed them out. This afternoon I worked to prepare for the Pima County Libertarian Party Convention, and in about an hour, I leave for that convention.

Once I get elected tonight as Chair of the PCLP (I am unopposed), I want to start going around to the various elected officials of the political units here in Pima County and discussing things with them. Perhaps I can even get information on organizations the PCLP can work with. If I can do that, I need to start meeting with them as well. The PCLP has been on hard times for years and I am going to have to work hard to get it going in the right direction. And, that means I will probably lose out on a lot of activities I enjoy doing now. I hope not, or at least not for very long.

I did a lot today, but mentioning it takes so few words. Is that a life well lived? Everything can be summed up in so few words?

January 15, 2018

January 15, 2018

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I was doing a video last evening after I posted and my computer crashed. It wasn’t until late this afternoon that I was able to get it to start. I have no idea what was wrong, but I am going to be better prepared to shift over to my tablet for doing anything if it happens again.

The TTRPG setting I like most is the Harn setting, and to a certain extent the Harnmaster rules. So, this morning, since I could not write, I downloaded a bunch of stuff from the Lythia website and sorted it. I still buy stuff from Columbia Games but the stuff on the Lythia website works with the Columbia Games stuff. The creator of the Harn setting got into creative difficulties with his successors and started the Lythia site. The two groups seem to have made up after his death. Using the two sites is a good way to expand my material, just in case I ever run a Harn campaign.

Now that my computer is available to me, I have to get working on material for the Pima County Libertarian Party. The Party has slipped due to the ill-health of one previous Chair and the overwork of another. I am retired and so I can spend more time getting stuff done, but I will have to work harder that I should have to just because I am trying to start up something that is dormant at best.

I have not been paying a lot of attention to the NFL lately. Not because of the kneeling controversy, or the health controversy, it has just been something I haven’t paid attention to. I am a fan of the Bengals, but this year they were lousy (again) and I rooted against the Steelers (archrivals). The Bengals and Steelers are eliminated from the playoffs, so there isn’t any team that grabs my attention. I will probably watch the Super Bowl but I will record it so I can watch the commercials more than the game probably.

January 14, 2018

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I attended a funeral today. I hate attending funerals, I do not plan on attending mine. However, the individual in question was a noted member of the Libertarian Party and so, as Chair of the Pima County Libertarians, I went. It was a nice affair, I didn’t enjoy myself but I didn’t hate it either.

Coming home I just missed the bus and because of the weekend schedule, I sat around for an hour waiting for the next one. If my knees didn’t hurt so much, I could have walked it in less time. However, I sat and pondered.

What did I ponder? I pondered the false missile alert in Hawaii. I am a retired electronics technician and the idea that such an important button could be pressed by accident amazes me. Every important button or switch I ever dealt with had a cover so that it took two deliberate actions to activate it. That this button did not have a cover means, to me, that the engineering team that designed and tested it failed, the quality control people whose job it was to make sure that no design flaws got through failed, the operators who sat at that control panel for how many years never noticed the flaw and so one. It boggles the mind.

Also, why did it take over half an hour for the accident to be noticed and corrected? From the reports I have seen, everyone in Hawaii was alerted and knew that one or more missiles were headed to Hawaii, except the people whose job it was to know what was going on. At the very least, when that button got pushed there had to be some warning in the control room that it had been pushed. Buttons start glowing red, covers of switches are designed to be visible in the open position (and universally red as well) and probably there were others signals that would alert everyone that the button had been pressed. So, why did it take over half an hour for the person at that control station to notice and correct the accident?

Suspicious. Very suspicious.

January 13, 2018

January 12, 2018

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Sat and listened, and watched, as my friends played TTRPG last evening. The reason I sat the session out was that my character was in one place, where I had expected combat (my character is a warrior type in a Star Wars campaign setting) and the session revolved around a space battle for the most part. The number of spaceships involved was large enough that it took all evening to do the fight scene. I did nothing but sit on the sidelines. Tomorrow is a different TTRPG campaign and my character in that campaign is more involved.

I posted a short story on my other blog yesterday, christophercolesite.wordpress.com but received no notices of anyone commenting yet. I rarely get comments here but I want especially to get comments about my writing and so far, after two years – nothing.

Spent a lot of time hunting for short stories I have written in order to post them, but I must have deleted most of them as I found too few based on what I remember writing. Most of the time I wrote longer stories but I have written short stories in the past and will possibly write some in the near future. I am particularly wanting to write a series of superhero stories. Plus, I need to finish ELDER’S DILEMA and start in on some of the other books I have started and not finished yet.

I got moved up to the Chair office of the Pima County Libertarian Party and it looks like I am going to have to reorganize my life quite a bit. I am going to have to attend a lot of conferences and other similar meetings in order to represent the Party and build alliances with other organizations to fight for Libertarian principles. I sold my car almost 25 years ago because I was never using it. Now, I need a car more than ever. I accepted the responsibility and I have to follow through.

January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

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I started posting short stories on my other blog: christophercolesite.wordpress.com. I put the first one up this morning. Needless to say, I didn’t get any writing done on ELDER’S DILEMA.

I had some blood tests done last week, in preparation for my doctor’s visit yesterday and I got the test results today in the mail. Most of them I cannot understand. A few I can but I just looked at most of them and saw that the numbers were inside the normal range and moved on to the next test. For all the fear I went through, it is too little.

Once I finish this off, I am getting ready to head over to some friends for TTRPG. I like my friends but the TTRPG campaigns, I do not like. I play because of my friends not the campaign.

Tomorrow I really need to get my taxes done. I will be getting a refund from both the State and Federal Governments and I want my money back. Almost thirty years ago, when I was in sales and my income from sales could not be expected to be stable, I set the withdrawal for taxes higher than I expected to need, just in case. Over the years I have not adjusted the withdrawal and, while I have been getting a COLA almost every year, the rise in taxes has been greater. This means my refunds are getting smaller. Eventually, I will probably owe money but for now, not yet.

January 10, 2018

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Saw the doctor today and so far, so good. A small change in my medicines but nothing serious.

We got rain thin morning! In the desert, any rain is a welcome event. I didn’t have to be out in it, it was over when I left to go to the doctor, but the rain kept the temperature down, so I wore a coat. It is nice to live in the desert where the cold temperatures are fairly high. Here in Tucson, the low temperature is higher than a lot of places back East have for a high temperature. I do not have to bundle up so that I look like the Michelin Man or whatever.

I did get a little writing done today; not a lot, because of the travel time and time with the doctor, but a little. I am going to start putting short stories on my other blog. I was asked about it, someone wanted to read my books, but I had already taken them down. So, I will post some short stories instead. I do not normally write short stories, I tend to think in novels for my stories. I will see if writing short stories and posting them will help my learn to be a better writer.

I have a full beard. I have not shaved sine June of 1987. I used to let it grow out as much as it could but it never got longer than reaching my solar plexus and it often got caught at night under an arm and woke me. So, when I think about it, I trim it. I am going to keep it about 3 inches past my chin and squared off for a while. Maybe I will change the style later, I probably will given that I have in the past and fairly often. But, for now I will go with that. I sometimes wonder, if I had never gone into the USAF, would I still have a flattop? A friend of mine kept his flattop his entire career, so maybe I would have. I just do not know, and can never know.

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