October 20, 2016

October18, 2016

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I am not watching the Presidential “debate” tonight. It isn’t a debate and no good will come of it. Now, if Gary Johnson had been allowed to join in that would be different. Clinton and Trump have done little but sling mud and Johnson has tried to speak exclusively to the issues. If he had been in the debate, he could have actually done some good for the country.

The monthly Pima County Libertarian meeting was last night and the County Chair is going to go to a new man, actually a former Chair who is getting active again after holding elective office. Already he is working to get the party active and growing, and he doesn’t take office until January. It looks like I will be more active as well, which means I may not have as much time for writing. But, as it stands now, other things keep pulling me away from my writing anyway so it probably won’t make too much of a difference.

I did pamper myself today and I got a massage, an hour-long one. I felt great afterwards. I need to become a millionaire so I can get a good massage daily. The only problem with that is that when I go out for a massage, I eat out and given the portion sizes in restaurants, I overeat.

I got my first toy for the TOYS 4 TOTS campaign and I spent some time today searching for number 2. I bought nothing but I did search. I donated four toys last year and I intend to donate more this year, even if just one extra. I enjoy doing this as I believe that private charity is better than government welfare. I am donating what I want to donate, not paying some bureaucrat to do something I disapprove of.

Some years ago I was hoping to join a monastic order, an order of canons, but it fell through. When I was first talking with them, they said that they would help me on my spiritual path. I had a suggestion of a possible problem (note how tentative this is) and they told me don’t bother, try again in two years. Needless to say, it has been over two years and I haven’t spoken with them again. I mention them, and I am not going to name the order, as I have come to the conclusion that I may need to form my own order. I am writing the Rule now, taking a lot from the Benedictines, when I can. How I am going to set this up, I don’t know but it is a goal worth striving for. Maybe I’ll use my nonexistent metal detector and discover a pirate treasure on the nonexistent beach here in Tucson.

Let’s see, I am writing novels, I am posting them chapter by chapter on a blog, I am working on a Rule for an order of canons, I am writing a web comic (I won’t be doing the art, someone I know will) and I am involved in politics (soon to be much more involved). When I retired I didn’t expect to be more busy than when I was on active duty.


October 18, 2016

October 17, 2016

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Another bad night for sleeping. I should never have talked about how well I was sleeping last week. Presuming, of course, that there is some sort of cosmic relationship between the two.

My Nook e-reader is still frozen and nothing I have done yet has gotten it unfrozen. I am trying one last thing, I am draining the battery in hopes that when it gets so low it will unfreeze since the power will not be enough to keep whatever is causing the freeze working.

I got some writing done during the early hours of this morning instead of after 9AM as usual. I will get no writing done tomorrow as I chew out the Pima County government in the morning, get one or more videos done in the afternoon and the evening will be taken up with the Libertarian Party monthly meeting. Wednesday, being a payday, I will be running around getting various things, like grocery shopping, done; so Thursday will be my return to writing unless I get some done in the wee hours of the morning while nothing else is available. That may be my writing pattern from now on.

I am getting old, remember I turned 67 last Friday, and it seems that whatever breaks down in my body happens on the left side. Except for the breakdowns that happen to all my body like my diabetes and accidents like breaking my right arm. But today I had a few moments of weakness in my left leg. I almost couldn’t stand and walking was a test of not falling over. It is gone now but I wonder what is going to break or malfunction next. Science needs to find a way to maintain our bodies easily and safely so that we can grow old without all the aches and pains.

I just got a new copy of a reference book I need for my YouTube videos, which is why I expect to get a video done tomorrow afternoon. I have an older copy around somewhere but I do not know where. My apartment is too cluttered and messy for me to find anything with ease. Unless, of course, I use it a lot or keep it in a specific and known place, like my glasses. I hate throwing things, especially books, away and thus the accumulation. I have books and videos that I have yet to read or watch as the case may be, or books that I haven’t read in decades but I keep them around. I have videos and books that I do not like but I haven’t gotten rid of yet. The more stuff accumulates, the harder it is to start in throwing it away.

Another reason that I have so much stuff is that I am kind of interested in almost everything so I buy books on many different subjects, read them once (if that much) and set them aside and never look at them again, or if I do it is so rarely that I might as well not have the book. I have to reign in my wandering focus and focus on just a few subjects. But even then the subjects are broad enough to build my book collection back up to unmanageable levels.

October 17, 2016

3rd Sunday in the Creation Season, 2016

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Well, I guess I jinxed myself talking about how good I have been sleeping. I got no sleep last night and fell asleep in the morning so I missed church. I did get several hours of sleep but completely off schedule.

Well, I checked for what package could have been stolen and found none. I did get a package in the mailbox but my neighbor said specifically it was UPS that dropped the package off. I have no package being delivered by way of UPS. Every package in transit is coming through the Post Office. I am confused.

I did get some writing done while I waiting to get to sleep. Not much, I kept going to bed and trying to sleep and then getting up after a while frustrated. I have to write what I am going to say on Tuesday and I want to make sure that I have a hard-hitting speech that cannot go over 3 minutes in length. This should be fun. The Pima County Board of Supervisors needs every chewing out I, and anyone else, can give them.

Since the end of the year is coming up, I am starting to look for next year’s calendars. I get some as gifts from various charities but I still like hunting for calendars. And I hate to shop. The sort of calendars I buy are military aircraft or Weimaraner dogs. When I was young, before I joined the USAF, my family had a Weimaraner dog and I have been in love with the breed ever since. So, I might buy a Weimaraner calendar if I can find one, often I can’t, or something with military aircraft; I do get a gift calendar from the Commemorative Air Force and I enjoy the photos there, but I also like more modern military aircraft as well.

I also need to get a few more toys for the Toys for Tots campaign. Plus, I will be watching two editions of the A CHRISTMAS CAROL during the season. I watch the version with Patrick Stewart and the one with George C. Scott. Of all the ones I have seen, those two are the best I believe. I will also read the book. This story is one that inspires me.

October 16, 2016

October 15, 2016

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Saturday games today. However, I have noticed one point that bothers me. Regardless of what I am doing, watching TV, video, reading, or playing, I fall asleep if my mind isn’t fully engaged and sometimes when it is. I have been getting a good nights sleep for several days now but it still happens. I don’t know when it started, I think I was falling asleep but only for a few seconds or maybe minutes for a long time now but it never really something I noticed. My body is wearing out in more ways than I had known about. And it isn’t caffeine, I drank more caffeinated drinks, coffee especially, when I was younger and unless it is a delayed reaction of several years, the amount of caffeine I am drinking now is miniscule in comparison

As I was leaving for the game one of my neighbors in the apartment complex told me that a package had been left at my door by UPS. I never got it and so I supposed it had been stolen. Once I got home tonight I checked my package notifications and could not discover what the package could have been. I did get a package yesterday but it was in my mail box. It was a bolo tie, I have started collecting them, not as a collection like a coin collection, but to wear. I now have five. One for specific occasions, one for general use and three for church. If I am going to wear a tie, it will be a bolo tie. I hate neckties, and I own several.

The weather has started turning cold, at least cold for Tucson. The days are nice, not hot and barely warm, and the nights are cool. This may be why I am sleeping better but since I don’t sleep outside, I doubt it. But I did read an article about a year ago or so that claimed that a cool room gives better sleep. I forget what the suggested temperature was but I don’t turn the central heat on in the winter here even if the temperature drops below freezing. I have an electric blanket, and several regular blankets, to keep me warm at night and a space heater to warm up the room I spend more of my time in. Let winter come, I’m not afraid.

October 14, 2016

October 14, 2016

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Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to me.

And there I have paid more attention to this birthday, I am 67 now, than I have to any other birthday in probably 45+ years.

I attended a court hearing this morning on an election issue and in my mind the right side won the skirmish. To describe the issue, the equipment Pima County uses to tabulate the votes in an election (it is a recent purchase) takes a picture, sends the picture to a computer where the votes are tabulated. The ballot itself is not used to count, just the digital image of the ballot. And there is no way to compare the ballots to the images since the County has been destroying the images for the last two elections, the only two this equipment has been used for. Since the digital data can be manipulated once it is in the computer, reference the Volkswagen scandal, the ability to trace the computer record to the actual ballot is crucial. The judge decided that the images were public records and as such, they must be kept just like ballots.

I am taking the day off from writing and just relaxing. I attended the court hearing this morning but that was it. I do not intend to do anything else today that might be considered work. Taking the day off, when I can, is about the only thing I do for my birthday.  Normally, am busy doing something even if not writing, even on weekends,  but today I relax.

October 13, 2016

October 12, 2016

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OK, I goofed up. Instead of adding the short story to my other blog, I added it to this one. I’ll have to discover how to copy a page from here to there and delete the page here. I want my writing to all be on the same blog, not scattered. But, if you read the short story, I would like feedback. I ask for feedback all the time and rarely get it.  Just my youngest brother commenting on my novels in emails to me. I don’t know if he reads this blog or how he discovered my other blog, I don’t remember telling him about it but I could have.

I got a lot of writing done today but it was all on a movie idea. This is a problem I have, and I acknowledge it, I tend to jump about between stories. It used to be that I would try to jump between all my novels on the idea that if I hit a block on one, I could jump to another and get working there. I discovered that I spent too much time trying to decide what story to work on. It seems to be coming back. But this movie idea is one I like. It is a variation on the old Judy Garland / Mickey Rooney “put on a play in order to save X” movies. And that is all I am going to say now.

I have started collecting toys for the TOYS FOR TOTS campaign coming up. I try to collect between four to six toys for various ages and both boys and girls and take them to a Marine Corps collecting site. Yes, I know other organizations collect toys for needy kids for Christmas, but I give to the Marines. My youngest brother is a retired Marine and I am retired Air Force, plus the Marine Corps Reserve started it all. So there, not that there aren’t other campaigns to help kids at Christmas such as Angel Tree, but I stick with one.


October 12, 2016

October 11, 2016

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I slept good last night. Every time I woke to go to the bathroom, I slept longer when I got back to bed and I didn’t stay awake when I got back into bed. I wish I had more nights of good sleep, I am tired of nights of bad sleep. And that pun was intentional.

I haven’t done a video for a while as I am still doing research to counter the video done in opposition to my last one. I know that the maker is wrong and I know on what points he is wrong, most of the ones he makes, but I want some solid resources I can cite in the refutation video.

I have been paying attention to the political news and I am disgusted with both the Democrats and the Republicans. Except that it is impossible I would demand a mulligan for both of those old school bully parties. But, in addition to it being impossible, I doubt that any replacement would be any better. The political elites of both parties are too out of touch and anyone that successfully works past them is going to be too unworkable probably.

I did get some writing done, both on GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS and a movie idea I had a while back and have let sit. And, since I didn’t have to go anywhere, I sat around all day in my skivvies. I only put pants and shoes on to go check mail. There is something liberating about just wearing skivvies. Granted I wouldn’t want to be out in just them, like fleeing a fire for example, but that is why I keep a pair of pants and shoes by my front door.

Ten to fifteen thousand words more before I will consider GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS done. If I don’t let myself get sidetracked, I think that is two days hard work. Six hours a day is what I used to do on a routine basis, but the work I did is gone, computer crashes are horrible and I still don’t do backups like I should. But I write primarily for myself, it would be nice if I got published but that is secondary to just writing. There are uncounted stories that I have done over the years that have been lost and will never see the light of day as the old saying goes. And I don’t mind, I got the stories down once and that was what mattered then. Now, with my posting on my other blog, I kind of wish I still had them. But so few were ever finished, not that I ever consider any of my writing finished, that I could not post them without extensive work. Just as well I guess.

I rarely write short stories, I usually have too much to say for one. But, I have a short story that I will be posting tomorrow, Wednesday the 12th. A simple little thing one that I have no idea where I got the idea but it is one that I have toyed with for months. For those that read my other blog, I hope you enjoy it.

October 10, 2016

2nd Sunday of the Creation Season, 2016

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Today has not been going well for me. I overslept, hugely, and missed church and kept wanting to sleep all day. I watched the Bengals Cowboys football game, I just stopped as the game ended in order to write this (it was over long before) and was highly disappointed by the performance of the Bengals. I will give them credit, they never gave up; but not giving up is useless if you don’t have the capability to do something and the Bengals just never played well enough for their efforts to be anything but useless.

I don’t plan on watching the second Presidential debate tonight as the last one disgusted me so much and this one looks to be even worse. I doubt policy is going to get more than lip service and I expect that it will be attack sound bites all around and all throughout.

I did spend some time working on my writing, but not much. Every time I went to the kitchen for a drink of water, I came close to going back to bed. What is weird is that I have been sleeping well the last couple of nights. Why I am so tired is beyond me for now.

I was expecting rain yesterday and it never came. Oh well, just another disappointment. I envy, kind of, those places where the rain is not a rare event all year. I love Tucson but sometimes I think about moving, usually to Indianapolis where I was born. The first house I remember living in still exists and the trees my father planted are well grown. I looked it up online and the assessed value listed is only $58,000 which means to me that it is in a bad neighborhood and probably run down. I have fond memories of living there but I doubt the present reality is worth the nostalgia.

Tomorrow is another day and one that I hope will be better for me. I am not an optimist, not really although kind of. I hope for the best but when it doesn’t happen, I really wasn’t surprised. But tomorrow is another day and I can look forward to that.

October 9, 2016

October 8, 2016

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It looks like rain is coming and very soon. I just walked to the grocery store and I could see the rain clouds over the Santa Catalina Mountains and saw several flashes of lightning. I worried that it would be raining before I got home, but it hasn’t started yet but it looks like soon. Even though Tucson is ahead of the thirty year average any additional rain is welcome as far as I am concerned as we are coming out of a twenty year drought.

Earlier tonight, before dinner and grocery shopping, I watched FANTASIA 2000. And with that on my mind as I walked, I came up with a movie idea. The entire walk, there and back, I worked on the idea. I have it formed enough for inclusion in my file of movie ideas. However, this may be more of a TV show idea but not a series. Even for a movie, it will be very short. I doubt that I could stretch it to as much as thirty minutes. But it is a great idea and it would make a very visual show. That’s all I am going to say for now.

I have a Blu-ray player in this room, my office / living room and it is failing already. This is the second time a Phillips Blu-ray has failed after only a short use. I bought the Philips brand as it was the only one I found that had zoom and slow-motion functions. I was planning on making some YouTube videos on movies, giving my opinion and so forth, not that I have studied movies as a college subject but I though it might make for interesting videos. I am now going to give that up as I will not buy another Philips Blu-ray.

There was no game today and I missed it. I have been sick with a set of loose bowels and have had to stay close to the toilet ever since last Tuesday. I didn’t mention it before as it wasn’t until today that I decided that the subject was not too gross. I mention it now because I seem to have recovered. Doesn’t ill health make great reading?

I am almost done with GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS. Not really done, but done with the basic plot. And the ending has nothing to do with my original idea on how this was going to end. Right now the story is just under 30,000 words and I won’t add more than four thousand before I go back and add details, expand weak points and so forth. My goal is 45,000 words. This is how I write, a basic story – what I call my zero draft – and then expanding the story to novel length with detail and expanded sections. This book is a bit light on the word count as I finish the zero draft but I should be able to get it to 45,000 words without padding the story with useless bits.

October 8, 2016

October 7, 2016

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I got a lot of writing done today, I wrote for almost four hours straight. And it was all new material for GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS, nothing re-written. I am near the end of what I call my “zero draft”, which is a straight through draft without chapters or polishing and once this is done, I will print out the story, chapter it, add details where needed, look for typos and expand where I think my writing needs help. Every time I go through something I have written I find holes, weak spots, typos and so forth.  There is an old saying that poetry is never finished, only abandoned. I feel the same about my writing.

I hate to throw books away but I am going to have to exactly that. I have almost a dozen bookcases full of books and a walk-in closet with books piled high on the floor. I estimate the total is about 4,000 books and I haven’t read over half of them in the last ten years. Time for them to go. I need the space. Plus, I have four or five old computers that need to go as well. If I throw enough books, and other stuff that I don’t use, away I might have room for some real furniture. At present, I have a bed, the bookcases, an entertainment center, two desks and two chairs. Hardly a furnished apartment.

Since it is October, I am already starting to hunt for next year’s calendars. I expect to get some “please donate” calendars from Wounded Warriors and the Commemorative Air Force (formerly the Confederate Air Force but that name caused problems) and I have one “please donate” already from Boys Town. However, I plan on getting at least one more. I have calendars up now on various walls but I want a desk calendar.  Why I want one, I can’t say. My computer desk is crowded and I have a wall calendar on the wall right in front of me. But, for whatever reason, I want a desk calendar.

I’ve been doing research for my next YouTube video and I am just about ready. My last video got a comment and an invitation to view someone else’s video rebutting mine. I feel confident that I can rebut his rebuttal now.

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