September 24, 2017

September 24, 2017

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I was an usher at church this morning, so I didn’t take part in most of it. I kind of heard the sermon, and the singing but for the most part I was busy. One of the tasks of an usher is to guide the priest to those who want communion brought to them. I knew of five people and there were another six who I didn’t know about because they hadn’t asked ahead of time. Total of ten then. My math is correct, there was one who originally wanted it but decided to go to the altar rail anyway. Five plus six minus one. Otherwise everything went well.

The Sumer rainy season is over it seems, I do not know if we are ahead or behind the 30-year average but we are close if behind. I need to spray the hole in my apartment shed wall again, the drones are still hanging around and getting into my apartment. Otherwise, I need to clean up the dead bees on my small backyard and cut the plants that are growing. I don’t know what sort of plants they are and really do not care.

With the cooler weather, I am about to change my shirt collection. I have a bunch of shirts that I wear in the warmer weather and some, not as many, that I wear in the cooler weather. I need to get more winter shirts. Of course, this being Tucson, what are winter shirts here would be useless in cold weather in many other parts of the country. I like Tucson’s weather most of the time.

I am going to spend the rest of the day loafing, but maybe finish the editing of HIGH TREASON. I have stalled on that for way too long. It is amazing how easy it is to stall on writing, and editing is a major part of writing, once you hit a small roadblock. But, I get a lot of roadblocks because I have to do everything such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, and so forth. It all falls on me as I live alone and have no one to help with the mundane details of life.

I may have mentioned before that I have diabetes, Type 2. Recently the pharmacist at the VA clinic I am assigned to talked me into changing how I take my insulin. Now, with the new regime, my blood sugar readings are out of whack. I will talk with the pharmacist later this week and argue for going back to the old regime. I hate needles and that fear has caused me to miss, by accident, some of the shots I needed to take. I haven’t missed the shots under this new regime as often but my blood sugar readings are never what they should be.


September 23, 2017

September 22, 2017

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The weather is so nice, I am reminded why I like Autumn in Tucson so much. The days are warm and sunny, the nights are cool. I doubt that there will be any more rain until the Winter rainy season in a couple of months and that is nice also.

I have been so busy, but not with anything that would merit special comment. The Suntran bus system takes so long to get anywhere that an hour task elsewhere might take three hours. One task yesterday that took a long time was a question and answer session I had at a local school on behalf of the Libertarian Party. Part of the reason it took long was that I missed a bus and made the mistake thinking that it would be s short walk. It was a long walk, over half an hour. I arrived twenty minutes late and the session was scheduled for an hour. The students were engaged and asked serious questions so it was worthwhile.

I am constantly amazed at how much time goes by doing routine stuff such as checking emails, reading news articles, and so forth. YouTube is my serious bane, I tend to stop doing whatever and, for a break, go to YouTube for a few minutes. An hour later, I realize how much time I have taken and try to get back to work on whatever I am doing. I usually succeed. I have to stop watching YouTube videos for a break.

I don’t think I have done a lot of writing this week, I am almost finished with going through HIGH TREASON and am ready to make the edits in the computer file and start publishing it on my other blog. ELDER’S DILEMMA is going smoothly, I am surprised that I haven’t had the writer’s block more often. I am getting a firm grasp on how that story is going to go. In all my writing, I have never been one to make an outline and base a story on the outline. I tried it once, a story about the character having flashbacks to defining points in his past which were the outline points; but, I never finished it and while I know what the story is and how it goes, I have never wanted to go back and write it.

September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017

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Halfway through September, and about three-quarters of the way through 2017. Where does time go? Does it go anywhere? I can remember reading somewhere, I think THE NOTEBOOKS OF LAZARUS LONG but I am not sure, that time is just nature’s way to ensure that everything does not happen at once. Finding out where time goes might be an interesting science experiment.

I go the problem solved with the computer program I recently bought, now I just have to learn to use it. I own word-processing and spreadsheet programs that I have never learned to use more than the barest number of the features because I don’t need them. Way back when, during the early days of private computing, there was a word processing program called ELECTRIC PENCIL and it had all I needed, even today I think. I cannot get a program that simple anymore and probably 90% of the features in the word processing or spreadsheet programs I never use.

Today was the September meeting of the Pima County Election Integrity Commission. If you are ever interested, the minutes are now recorded and available on the website for the Commission. Today’s meeting was over an hour and a half long and a good part of that was a meaningless discussion (I think) because one member wanted to get another member to stop sending emails to the commission members by himself, even thought his doing so did not violate the law. The rest of us send everything through the individual deputized by the Election Department to do the minutes and co-ordinate everything else. The same individual who wanted the other to stop sending emails to Commission members seems to have burned bridges between us and the Registrar of Voters as the Commission member wants, if I understand the issue, the Registrar’s Office to stop providing voter data to the local political parties.

On the bus ride to the PCEIC meeting, I got into a discussion about the NFL team I am a fan of, the Cincinnati Bengals. I have been a fan since Day 1 of the team, good times and bad. I mention this because I think the team is heading for another bad stretch. The Head Coach, Marvin Lewis, has done great things bringing the team out from a severe bad time, when everyone referred to “The Bungles” but the rest of the league has adapted to his game plan and he has not changed it to counter the counter-actions of the other teams. The Bengals have started this season with no wins and two losses, and given who they play next week, it probably will be three loses. It has been several years since that has happened. I still support the team, but I am sad at this season’s start.

September 13, 2017

September 12, 2017

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There are days when things just go right, and days when things just go wrong. Today was more of the later than the former. I did get some writing done, and cleared out a problem in ELDER’S DILEMA, but I then hit a wall. I do not often get writer’s block but today was a doozy. I didn’t even finish editing HIGH TREASON.

The weather has finally turned from the heat of Summer it seems. It has been nice all day. Between the writer’s block and the nice weather, I enjoyed some time outside. The weather is good enough for me to start my evening walks again. I need to get rid of some weight and walking is a good exercise that does not hurt my knees like running would do.

I also am having a problem with a computer program. I bought the program to help with a specific TTRPG but I cannot get it to work. I am working with the company but so far, no good. So, just another reason why today is not one of the good days.

There are several projects I want to get back to doing, my YouTube videos being one of them. I post the videos under my regular name, Christopher Cole, but I haven’t posted for a long time. I need to get that going again. I also need to do the exercises for my knees and my ankle. Maybe I should have done those instead of fighting writer’s block, it might have broken the block. Oh well, that’s life.

September 10, 2017

September 10, 2017

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Sunday afternoon and the weather is nice. Just the sort of weather I really enjoy here in Tucson. The Summer rainy season is ending, maybe. There was a report that the rain may come back for a short period. Fine by me, I like the rain. When I was much younger, I enjoyed walking in the rain, but not so much anymore. I do enjoy watching it though.

Five weeks, more or less, and I turn 68. I don’t feel that old, most of the time. My shoulder, knees, back and ankle hurt often enough so that I never forget how old I am, but I can ignore it for long periods at a time. I don’t shave, not since May of 1987, so I don’t need to look at myself in the mirror every morning and closely examine it. And when I inject my insulin, I can do that without staring at the mirror. I look at the mirror when I brush my hair or my teeth. And even then, I don’t really see the signs of age in my face. I have one of those faces that can look decades younger than I really am. So, I can ignore my age for most of the time. However, coming up on a birthday is a period when my age hits me harder than normal. The anniversary of my eldest brother’s death is another. He was six years younger than me and he died before me. Granted, it took him twenty-five years to die from the construction accident, but he is still younger than me and that hurts when I think about it.

There are a couple of TV shows starting this season that interest me. Both are science-fiction. One starts tonight and the other on October 2. The last new show I was really interested in, and enjoyed, was cancelled after the first season. I hope these two last for a long while, the promotional advertising looks interesting. But, of course, that is the purpose of promotional advertising.

September 8, 2017

September 8, 2017

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I got some writing done this morning, this afternoon I went grocery shopping. I will probably do some more writing this evening. I think I am at a critical point in ELDER’S DILEMMA. I think it is a critical point because it is so hard to get done right. I think I am too early for where I am; that is, the plot point I am at is too soon in the plot. Not by a massive amount, but I reached this point sooner than I had expected I would. This plot point is a climatic space battle but not the last battle. Indeed, there may never be a last battle.

The weather is quite good for the end of the Summer rainy season. And, it looks like it might rain again today. It rained a bit last night, not a lot though. It was a short burst of rain, short but heavy. The Weather Service changed their definition of the Sumer rainy season some years back. It used to be that the start was the third continuous day when the relative humidity was above a certain percentage. And it ended when there were three continuous days when it fell below that percentage. Now, it starts on a specific day and ends on a specific day.

I am glad that I live in Arizona. I look at the East Coast and the Gulf Coast getting pounded by rough weather and I am extremely glad I don’t have to worry about that. If I was back home again in Indiana, I would worry about tornadoes. Here, the nearest to a natural disaster is the occasional earthquake. The last one was, I think, four years ago and I didn’t notice it. Or, at least I don’t remember it. My family lived in San Diego for five years in the early 1960’s and I remember only one earthquake during that time. I guess that the Earth moving under my feet is no big deal for me.

September 5, 2017

September 4, 2017

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Labor Day here in America. This is a holiday all over America, but I worked today. I got a bit done on ELDER’S DILEMA and did a little editing on HIGH TREASON. Once those two are done, it is off to MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. Tomorrow I chew out the Pima County Board of Supervisors again, not that they pay much, if any, attention to me. I messed up a bit on getting ink for my printer so I will be a week later than I expected in starting to post HIGH TREASON. But, once that is posted, I should be getting ELDER’S DILEMA up immediately after that. And, MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY should follow close after. I haven’t gotten the end of MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY figured out yet, but I have time.

It was looking like it was going to rain again earlier, but it seems to have decided to not rain. Oh well, while we can use every drop we get, it is coming to the end of the Summer rainy season so I am not put out very much. Now, if the Winter rainy season goes well, then we can start making up the deficit of the drought over the last twenty years or so.

I have been taking the time to watch the first season of the FLASH TV show. Naturally, they ended with a cliffhanger but, since I already own Season 2 and I know Season 3 has been broadcast, I doubt that the cliffhanger result will surprise me unless the producers decide to restart the show every season, which I doubt they will as that would be bad storytelling. I have to find the time to watch the next season, probably a bit at a time like I did with the first season.

Football season starts very soon, American Football that is. The Rector of my parish is demanding that we boycott the NFL because of the traumatic brain injuries that happen. That abuse he finds offensive to the highest degree. Yet, he seems to have no trouble with the abuse the Federal Government has heaped on active duty military and veterans. Hypocrisy, thy name is human.

September 1, 2017

August 31, 2017

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Another slow day today. I got some writing done but I did it inside, not outside like I wanted to do. I have to remember to go outside and enjoy the mountains when I write before I finish writing for the day. I won’t get any writing done tomorrow or the weekend or Labor Day probably. And Tuesday I go to chew out the Pima County Board of Supervisors, so I won’t get any work done as once I finish with them, I have shopping to do. So, I probably will be gone until early evening.

By not remembering to write outside, I am missing some beautiful weather. It is warm but not hot, the low humidity makes it bearable, and the hasn’t been much wind. So, it is entering one of the two beautiful seasons in Tucson – Spring and Fall. Winter gets too cold and summer gets too hot and humid. Both of those seasons, also, are rainy seasons with about half the annual rainfall in each. If I knew that the rain was not going to be from the North, thus drenching my patio, I could sit outside and watch it. But, the rain is likely to either come from the North or wrap around the building and still drench the backyard. and the patio. So, I will stay dry and stay inside for most rainstorms.

I am an old man, I never thought of myself in that way until recently but I am accepting it. I do not yell at the kids to “Get off of my lawn you young whippersnappers” because I don’t have a lawn, the area in front of my apartment is a rock garden, which floods when it rains. But I am getting old, old enough to look back on my life and examine all the bad choices I have made over the years. And, there has been a lot of them. Regrets? A few. But, even the bad choices got me to here and I am glad to be here. About the only reason to examine one’s past is to learn from bad choices and I hope I have.

August 31, 2017

August 30, 2017

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A nice quiet day, today. I got a lot of writing done but I did it indoors and not outdoors like I had been planning on doing. I forgot. I would print out a note but my ink in out on my printer and that option isn’t there. Yes, I know I could write it out longhand but I won’t. I will try to remember tomorrow.

I have so many things I want to do and I never get them done because there is always, it seems, something of higher priority. I want to get HIGH TREASON edited and posted, and I want to get ELDER’S DILEMMA written, and I want to work on a TTRPG campaign I have in mind, and I want to get a bunch of other, little, things done. But, there is always grocery shopping, laundry, cooking and eating, and other shopping that need to get done; as well as perhaps a dozen other, smaller, things. I have made many mistakes in my life, but the one that is hurting me most now is that I never hunted down a wife. I fantasize about a wife and kids, but I always come back to reality and get to work on whatever is keeping me from my writing. Life is full of choices, and some of those choices are mistakes. I just have to deal with that fact and move on.

Another bee was buzzing around the apartment last night. I think it died. I have a lamp by my bedside, of the style called “torchiere” I think. Anyway, it is open at the top and the bees always fly into there and bump around. Eventually, they die. There is perhaps a dozen dead bees in there. I am just glad that they were drones and I was never in danger of getting stung. I don’t like the buzzing they make when I am trying to read before going to sleep.

August 30, 2017

August 29, 2017

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I did get a lot done on ELDER’S DILEMMA today. I have a lot more to get done, but I know what I am doing with the story. I am already starting to think about which story to work on next and that is scary. It is scary because I can get distracted by the next story far too easily and stop doing what needs to be done on the story I am doing now. For too many years, I have gotten distracted by what I want to do next and haven’t finished what I am doing now. The only full novel I ever finished in about thirty years of writing¬† was one that history overtook and I had to abandon when the Soviet Union fell down and died. And, I was able to rewrite that as part of the series I am working on now.

Other than my writing, this has been a dull day. And, I like dull days. I did spend some time watching the FLASH TV series, season 1. I didn’t watch the entire season, that would be 13 hours more or less, just the first disc of Season 1. I have always like the Flash. DC Comics did more with that “one-trick pony” than could be thought possible.

The weather is nice enough so that I plan on moving to the back yard and write outdoors until winter comes. That will be something different for me. I normally write inside, to be away from weather. However, I will chance the heat and watch the mountains off to the north while I write for a while. I could get to like that. I tend to stay indoors, I spent a huge chunk of my active duty service out in the weather, all sorts of weather, and I have been willing to avoid that ever since.

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